Based in the heart of Los Angeles, FairRose LA is the parent company of two divisions: FairRose Style and FairRose Digital.

FairRose Style is a web based lifestyle magazine, reporting on the culture and lifestyle lived by residents of Los Angeles who do their shopping on Fairfax and Melrose, hence the company's name (don't worry, we didn't forget about you La Brea).

"Street Culture" has taken over the city but it's so much more than clothing and sneakers. FairRose Style's mission is to explore that culture, bring to light new brands and artists who embody it, and give a voice to the influencers who lead the way.

Through our talented team of writers FairRose Style has built a home for those who love street culture. Weekly features showcase LA's best new brands, key influencers, the city's hottest shops, cover the latest events, and get the inside scoop from designers and artists. Most importantly FairRose Style has built a home for members of the community to connect.

The other division of FairRose LA is FairRose Digital.

FairRose Digital is a marketing agency specializing in Social Media Advertising and Digital Brand Management. 

Primarily working with Brands, Artists, and Influencers who fit in the broad genre we refer to as "Street Culture"​, FairRose Digital creates solutions to reach the right audience. Whether the business is a startup clothing company launching their first line or an established brand where people line up around the block to purchase the latest hype, FairRose Digital's team will work to help our client's take the next step in their growth as an organization.

While we primarily work with brands in the world of "Street Culture", we won't turn someone down because they don't fit the mold. We've worked with some of the most popular athletes & celebrities, most successful medical professionals, and biggest brands in the world.

We pride ourselves on taking chances in our work and being different than everyone else out there. You can't set a trend if you follow the leader. If your brand is seeking help with their digital presence we ask only that you take a chance and reach out to us to chat. 

"Long live the rose that grew from concrete."​